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Informal Membership Information

Infinite Opportunities serves homeless individuals, veterans, and low-income families who are in need due to homelessness, poverty, abuse, and neglect by providing daily necessities, food, affordable housing, and resources to help them transform their lives.

We serve our community through four programs: The Food Pantry for low-income individuals and families, On the Move Food Giveaway for homeless camps, Emergency Food Service for seniors and disabled individuals with no transportation, and now creating an Independent Living Program for individuals in need of affordable housing.

Infinite Opportunities was founded in 2014 and established as 501c3 in 2019, serving consistently over seven years in the Mobile County, Alabama area. Our mission for Infinite Opportunities is to bring goodwill, peace, and social equality to our community in Mobile County, Alabama, by providing nutritious foods, daily necessities/toiletry supplies, collaborated resources, and affordable housing to assist the people in our community to strive and obtain a safe haven for themselves and their families. We serve all without regard for race, ethnicity, or religion. Infinite Opportunities extends to each person a willingness to assist and support them in their journey to becoming sustainable in the community.


If you are here, you are considering joining or have already joined our team, and we are so grateful to have you. We strive to do as much as we can in our community; that alone is a Blessing. We believe that working together will truly Make a Difference within the organization and society. 

Our members are actual assets to Infinite Opportunities because we can continue our mission with the loyalty and commitment that comes with the membership. So again, Thank you.

Becoming a member of a non-profit is a choice. You are here because you want to be a part of something much bigger than yourself and ultimately be a servant of God. We are in the community doing what we were ordained to do.

As you know, Grants are not guaranteed. We ask all members to donate $20 per month (monetary or in supplies) toward our pantry. Our monthly member donations are enough to stock the shelves to cover our distributions. This is sustainability for our organization, and we want to be able to continue to serve people in need. Fundraisers, sponsors, and grants are used for operations costs whenever granted. We appreciate your support and dedication in assisting us toward growth.

Membership Benefits

  • •Partnership with Infinite Opportunities to have access to donated goods and services for your groups or clubs.
  • •Listed as a Contributing Member on our Roster made public to any sponsors upon request
  • •Opportunity to get community hours for school or community service, if needed
  • •Opportunity to Experience the Gratitude felt when helping those in need
  • •Opportunity to lead a Fundraiser to assist with organizational growth
  • •Opportunity to attend Quarterly Meetings and Voice Positive Change for Growth
  • •Annual tax-deductible receipt for all donations upon request
  • •Annual Friends & Family Appreciation Picnic
  • •Overall collaborations between friends, family, churches, businesses, and non-profits. We do Make a difference Together. 
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