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Hotel Conversion Project

We are renovating a Citronelle Hotel into Affordable Housing under our Infinite Living Program.  Look out for more information as we journey through this project.  It is a Blessing.  We will need all the help we can get.  Click below to help with your time, talents, or monetary gifts.  We Appreciate You.

Updated News on Hotel Project

We have run into some unforeseen problems with the renovations of the Hotel. We need contractors, electricians, plumbers, and HVAC professionals willing to donate some of their time and expertise to this project.  We have found more problems than we originally anticipated, not to mention the theft of electrical wiring, which has required us to rewire the entire building. The need for housing in the Citronelle area is very high.  We already have 20+ people on the waiting list to be housed.  Help us Help Others. 

Click Here To Become a sponsor Today.


 Affordable Shared Housing

Infinite Living Program is Here!

Now Accepting Applications for the 

Infinite Living Program!

 Our Women's Home is Now Open - See photos of the home here. We have a few vacancies in the Men's Home. Click here to complete an application.

Our Women's Home

We have acquired our Women's Home that will house (6-7 women) and a Single mom with (1-2 children) in Studio Suite on the property.  It is such a blessing to be able to Bless those in need.  Our Infinite Living Program has the same criteria for each resident.  We are now furnishing the home and doing cosmetic renovations to prepare housing by May 15th.  Please help us by sponsoring a room with furnishing.  Click the link to help us help others with affordable shared housing.  You will be Blessed.  Thank you.

We Are Growing!

Our Infinite Living Program is expanding.  We are in the process of acquiring multiple properties to fill the need in the community.  Our next project (Coming Soon) is the Women's Home.  We are hoping to have it ready for occupancy in April 2023.  Stay tuned for more information to come.  If you are interested in getting more involved or want to donate to our cause, please do so here.  Thank you for being so supportive.

Everyone needs shelter. So many people spend more than 50% of their income on housing. This number does not include utilities, food, daily essentials, health care, and transportation. Low-income individuals and families facing very high housing costs normally fall behind on their rent and/or get evicted. We need more affordable housing in our community!

Our non-profit (Infinite Opportunities 501c3) is expanding and creating an Independent Supportive House - Infinite Living Program geared toward those in desperate need of Affordable housing. Our home will provide space for 10-12 individuals, shared & private rooms, fully furnished, utilities, a washer/dryer, food, and Welcome Kit for one low price. They literally will only need to move in with their clothes. We know that it will take time to get multiple homes up and running, but for right now, we are starting with this one. 

Now Accepting Applications for the Infinite Living Program!

Click here to complete an application. Our first House is designated for male residents.

Our house Move In Ready!

Thank you to all our sponsors the assisted in furnishing the home.  It is such a Blessing. See the virtual tour below. 



























Help Us House a Veteran!

We are asking sponsors, donors, partners, members, and friends to help us create reserved funding resources specifically for veterans needing MOVE-IN rent assistance. To qualify, their income must be less than $1000.00 per month or recently approved for benefits and awaiting disbursement of funds. The vouchers will range from $50 to $595.00.

Help Us Help Others. We owe our veterans at least that much.  

Click the Link to donate:

Something to Really Think About!

What if you were a single parent with a child . You work full time for $14.00 hr. You bring home roughly $800 .00 per paycheck (bi-weekly).

Your bills:

$850.. 00 / rent

$200 .00 / electrical

$350 .00 / car payment

$150 .00 / car insurance

So let’s do the math :

You bring home about

$1,600 .00 a month & your bills average about $1,550.00 (give or take).

You’re making it, but barely.

This doesn't even include groceries, internet, cable, cell phone, etc .

(nor does it include child tax credit, or child support)

Now, it’s a really cold December and you get a power bill for $600 .00

How do you pay that?

To put it simply , you don’t.

Because you can’t.

So your power gets shut off.

But you know what your lease says?

It says you get evicted if your utilities are terminated.

So now you’re in court crying to a judge who doesn’t care, & you have 10 days to get out.

Well you’re in luck, because you found somewhere with 3 days to spare & it’s only $650.00 a month!

But to get in, you must pass a background & credit check. Which you can’t because you just got evicted.

You’ve never been a criminal, but even if you could pass it, you’re looking at $1300 to move in, after paying the deposit & first month’s rent.

Time’s up ....

Landlord shows up at 7am with the police & changed your locks.

So, now you’re living in your car with your 7 year old son & everything you need to get by.

You tried to get a storage unit, but you don’t have a billing address so they won’t sell one to you. So you could only take what would fit in your backseat.

You pay to shower at local truck stops & eat whatever can be cooked in a gas station microwave. Someone sees you & your son living like this & calls D.H.S; guess what happens next ? ? ?

They remove your child from your care.

As if this isn’t devastating enough, you lose your job too. (Because “an employee losing their child reflects poorly on this company .”)

So now, you apply for an apartment with the region where the waiting list is 3-7 years.

Then you go into Wal-Mart to put in an application.

When you get back to your car you see that your back window has been smashed & someone helped themselves to your belongings. Remember that it is December & really cold. Now you have damage to your only shelter.

You call your car insurance, who says your deductible is $1,000.00

~ AND ~ they’re going to increase your monthly rate since you’re now

“ high risk .”

You call the homeless shelter as a last resort & all their beds are full.

I’ll stop here .....

Because I think you get the point .

The people we work with everyday are these people .


We are all so close to homelessness & don’t even realize it .

All it takes is :

* one unexpected bill ~

* one fender bender ~

* one lay-off ~

* one house fire , etc.

Instead of judging people who are poor , homeless , or need assistance , Be grateful that you’re not in their shoes ...... YET !

This is about staying humble & being kind .


If you know someone that would benefit from our home, please contact us for more information. Thank you.

Getting Connected!

Awesome Meeting with the Veteran Council including (Jerry Steele, Tom Claxton & Lou Lartigue). It was such a blessing to have them tour our new veteran home and assist us with our program. We are so blessed. Thank you to our President of Infinite Opportunities, Nikki Jackson, and Christine Chancery Cumbie with Gardberg & Kemmerly, Attorneys at Law for setting everything in motion. God is really moving through Infinite Opportunities and we are so grateful.

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