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Please contact us to schedule an Appointment for Emergency Food Services.

251-662-9812 or 251-298-7237


New Schedule for 2023 

2022 Annual Food Giveaway Schedule 

April 16 – OTM – Tillman Corner Walmart


May 21- Food Pantry Distribution (10am-12pm)

June 18 – Food Pantry Distribution (10am-12pm)

July 16 - OTM – Corner of Katherine Hankins/Hwy 90


August 20 – Food pantry Distribution (10am-12pm)

September 17 – Food Pantry Distribution (10am-12pm)

*October 15 – Distribution at Turning Point church 10am-12pm -(We Will Not Be Able to Distribute on Winn Dixie Lot anymore.  Contact Us if you need more information.

November 19 – Food Pantry Distribution (10am-12pm)

December 10 – Holiday Community Outreach – (11am-1pm)

100+ Backpack Giveaway –

New Location will be announced - Fire damage at Government Location!

* First Come First Serve – We give until all boxes are disbursed!

June Giveaway


Please note that there was a mistake on the Annual Schedule for June 2022 Giveaway.  It is scheduled for Saturday, June 18th at 10:00 am.  See Flyer.  Contact us if you have any questions.  Thanks.



Grand Opening of NEW Food Pantry on April 10th, 2022

New Location


7941 Theodore Dawes Road West

Theodore, AL 36852

Be on the lookout for new distribution schedule.

Food Pantry Programs

* Food Pantry Distributions – Every 3rd Saturday of the month. Scheduled appointments are also available on a needs basis. Months with offsite distributions will be counted as a scheduled monthly dispersal.

* Giveaway on the Move (OTM): Quarterly distributions OFFSITE in selective areas generally with a high population of homeless individuals.

* Emergency Food Program: Designated for seniors and disabled clients without transportation. Food boxes are hand-delivered.

 Contact us at  251-662-9812 or 251-298-7237

Dry Food Pantry

Available to ALL of those in Need

See Events for Monthly Distribution Locations

 Sponsored by 

Gulf Coast Canteen

Big Lots

Feeding the Gulf Coast


We service an average of 425 people (including the homeless distribution) per month.  It is a Blessing to be a Blessing to someone in need.

New Items are stocked every week

We also provide toiletries for both

Men & Women

(Small Selection for Children)

Help Us, Help Others

Distribution of Food

We are so Proud to have our Grand Opening for the new Food Bank Location at Turning Point Church on April 10, 2022.  The pantry is Larger, and we can accommodate more people in the community.  

With that being said, WE NEED YOUR HELP.  Although this is a non-profit, there is still a cost for supplies and food to keep the pantry stocked. We want to ask you to donate to the food bank and volunteer if you can.  Please click here to donate whatever is on your heart.  It will indeed be a Blessing.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need help or know someone in need.

Infinite Opportunities
P O Box 191663
Mobile, AL 36619
(251) 662-9812 or (251) 298-7237

Look where we Started! 

2020 First Food Drive

Thank you to all our Volunteers that pulled together and helped serve in our food drive.  We used the remainder of our

donations to shop for food and supplies for the community.  We decided to do a quick food drive to see how many families we can help during a 2 hour period.  Our goal was 25 and we exceeded it 15.  It was such a Blessing to provide these families with enough food to last at least a week.

Distributed Daily

Available Monthly - See Schedule


Food Bags available for homeless delivery

Team Pickup on Wednesday

Donations Are Welcome !

Please Call for Drop Off Time

What our customers are saying

One of our homeless clients said that this food is truly a Blessing because she is guaranteed to eat every week.

Elisabeth L. - Thank you so much Mrs. Mechelle !

You are a God Send and we are so grateful for your help

in the community!   D. Vaughn.

You will be Blessed for continuing to help us when so many

others have closed.  Ms. D. Davis.

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